Welcome to My name is June Stuart and this is my personal site. My happy place. :) It will start out being a single page, but I expect it to grow over time. I hope to share personal insights here. And to create pages that remind me of lessons I have learned and ways to feed my joy.

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Adults only!  No minors allowed!

So the very first thing you need to know is that I sometimes say bad words and talk about dirty stuff, so if you are under 18, you must leave now! This site looks cute and fun and girly and youthful because I am having a little trouble growing up like a normal person, but I am definitely an adult and you should be, too. Preferably very adult. :)

The next thing you should know is that I am a radical Feminist and an artist and a free thinker and a FemDom phone sex operator and I try really hard to live a joy-centered life. Which is a fancy therapy-like way of saying I try hard to do whatever the fuck I want. Well, that is not entirely true. Sometimes I want things that do not bring me joy. Humans are tricky that way. But I have been focused on feeding my joy for about 2 years now and I am the happiest I have ever been. Life is good!

Working from home as a phone sex operator

For me, the meaning of life is joy and happiness and the tools that help me achieve that state-of-being are freedom and power and creativity and growth. I spend my days as I choose and I have not owned an alarm clock in many, many years. That freedom is so wonderful! I NEED that. I NEED total freedom to be and do and say what I please. So I am fortunate to have discovered FemDom phone sex. This strange career path allows me to work from home, to be creative, to explore my power, and to learn about myself and others in the process. Phone Domination is a wonderful fit for my needs and I am delighted to report that my odd skills and interests are also a wonderful fit for many submissive men. So my phone sex Universe is thriving.

Fun phone sex operator or PSO

Because I have been on this path for some time now, I sometimes feel as though I have heard every kinky story there is. I am no longer in this line of work as a voyeur. No longer content just to hear callers confess their kinkiness. That was part of the appeal in the beginning, but now I want more. I want depth! I want rapport! I want to really get to know my callers on a personal level. That makes it more fun for me. I love learning about odd, quirky, colorful characters.

Lately it seems as if I primarily like working with my oddball perverts in one of two ways. Either I like playing with sweet thoughtful callers in light hearted ways like role play calls and erotic hypnosis and maybe some pain play because that is intimate and gives some callers a fun rush. (And I like administering pain!) Or, I enjoy taking particularly committed callers deeper into submission by exploring darker appetites like obsession and serious pain and Financial Domination. But both paths represent fun shared experiences that could potentially change my callers and I love having the chance to mark them as mine.

Happy independent woman enjoying life

I burned out on this industry for a while. I tried to be everything to everyone and I cannot do that anymore. So I spent a long time studying my very favorite callers to figure out what they have in common and then considering ways to attract additional callers with those traits. And letting go of callers that were less of a fit. Here is what I came up with...

I love strong happy women! I love being a strong happy woman! And ALL of my favorite callers enjoy me being the strong happy woman that I am. None of them want me to change to fit their fantasies. All of them want me to enjoy our calls. And most (but not all) of them get their greatest enjoyment out of pleasing me. (A few of my favorite callers have distinct fantasies and they are not about pleasing me, but those guys are still caring people who really want me to enjoy myself during our sessions.) All of my favorite callers have good manners and they respect me and they appreciate my time.

By letting go of callers that were not the best fit, I have reached a place once again where I truly love my work and I wake up each day happy to be the Queen of my odd little Universe. :)

FemDom Mistress for role play calls

So if you appreciate a strong happy woman and you would like to share a fun intimate chat, I want you to give me a call. (You can hear a voice sample here.) I do enjoy taking control and I do have a soft spot for sweet submissive men, but you do not have to be submissive to call me. I enjoy chatting with peers as well. I will warn you, though, that I do not enjoy Dominant men, so if you are hoping to switch or explore your Dominant side, you would definitely be happier calling a different operator. (I suggest my friend, Miss Emmalouise. She is much more flexible.)

I welcome calls from a wide range of callers - from first timers just beginning their journey into kink, to old timers who live and breath FemDom. You will find I begin every call with curiosity and an open mind. I am friendly and easy to talk to and I want to learn about you. So call me soon. :)

Thank you for visiting and spending some time with me. I will have fun adding to this site whenever I have the time and I hope you stop back soon. Next time, I will share the story of how this site came to be named 85joy85hope.

All calls are $2.50 per minute. You must be 18 or older to call and I would prefer you are much older. There is a $25 minimum charge. All major credit cards accepted. Charges will appear on your bill as Chloe Enterprises.

I do not discuss the exploitation of vulnerable creatures other than you. And I do not go on camera or meet callers in person because I treasure my privacy. Thank you for honoring my limits.

Send me a surprise.  I love surprises!  :)

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