Welcome to Just click the banner above to view my welcome page / introduction. This page you are on now is my Happy New Year 2017 update and hopefully my last ever news blog about shifting the direction of my work. I am sharing it here at because this shift is towards joy and towards living more authentically and so I think it really belongs here. This is a happy post!

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Okay, so, let's get started. I am in a GREAT place in my life. Never been happier. Never felt stronger or more comfortable with my choices. I am grateful to be here. And I am really hopeful that I will be able to share some of my joy and strength and power with you in the coming year.

anything is possible

Anything is possible. I have a weird attachment to numbers and especially dates. That is why I know it was September 20th, 2016, when I committed myself to the concept that anything is possible. I decided to throw out the rule book. All the rule books. The books about what phone sex is and what phone sex can be. The book about FemDom. The book about relationships. The book about work. Even the book about love. I threw 'em all out. On September 20th.

(Six days later, a lovely little rabbit with butterfly wings found me. Yay. But that is a story for another day.)

My point is that I no longer pretend to have any idea what my work is about. It just is what it is. I do what I do. If the word Goddess was a verb, that would be what I do. And if you need some Goddessing, well, now you know where to find me. Just know that once you are mine, you will be subject to my own odd gravity and there is no science to explain me yet.

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I can feel in my bones that this year is going to be amazing! I am so excited. Thank you to those who have joined me on my journey to this place. It was sometimes rocky. And thank you to those who are on their way here. Welcome!

call an independent PSO

In one or more of my previous blog posts or news announcements or whatevers, I said I was returning to full time phone sex and that new folks could call me and yada yada. And then I disappeared. Seemingly. Here is what happened...

First, there was family drama including a car wreck and both of my parents being hospitalized for different reasons and lots of scary times ensued. Then, around the same time, all of my fabulous devoted regular callers seemed to step up their games AND I found a super fun new caller who calls regularly, so I had my full time phone sex needs met and I had no real room for more new callers.

Sometimes, I have difficulty recognizing when I have reached a destination. But this time, I took a look around and thought, "Why am I beating myself up about not logging on to when I do not need to log on to NiteFlirt and when almost none of my best callers found me through NiteFlirt?" I am happy with my business as it is! How cool is that??

unique playful phone sex

I wish my life unfolded in nice tidy lines, but that just does not seem to be in the cards for me. I seem to need mess. And I am making my peace with that.

Have you ever noticed how the word FUCK refers to an act that is crazy fun and pleasurable and is also a word we say when we make a mistake? I think sometimes the stuff that looks like mistakes and pain and darkness is really a gift that is just too cleverly wrapped and takes way too long to open. My life unfolds like that mostly. I accidentally delete a website and that forces me to build something else that leads in better directions than I ever could have discovered through the original site. I try really hard but still fail to find joy with a client I think is important and finally give up and that opens a spot for a client that is ridiculously easy to adore.

So yay! Fuck!

Interesting phone sex

I think this is my last news update because I think I am done pretending I am in control of my weird journey. Instead, I will be blogging about fun calls and fun callers and maybe also books and movies and maybe also stories and videos and audios and paintings. We'll see. I do not know if I will have time for other new callers any time soon, but you may always email me and see. Or send a tribute and an introduction. :) Maybe you will inspire me to make time.

So why keep making websites and blogging if I am not seeking more callers? For you, my pets. And for me! Because I love expressing myself online. Also, I hope to soon offer new audios for sale and maybe eventually art videos, so maybe I will start building an audience for those?

Happy phone sex

I adore you. I am excited about sharing 2017 with you. I am excited about teasing you and abusing you and giving you the gift of deeper submission. I thank you for your devotion. And I look forward to playing with you soon.

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I do not discuss the exploitation of vulnerable creatures other than you. And I do not go on camera or meet callers in person because I treasure my privacy. Thank you for honoring my limits.

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Thanks, guys! You make me happy.

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